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About UPVC Profile

UPVC:a plastic material which characterized by its hardness, lightweight, low-maintenance; It is used as an alternative to the painted wood. UPVC is one of the building materials that has got great popularity in the last few years. It has a lot of advantages & features that make it in the first place,instead of traditional materials, in making windows and doors

  • li-pointDurability
  • li-pointSound insulation
  • li-pointLow-maintenance
  • li-pointCustomizability
  • li-pointEfficiency in power consumption
  • li-pointWeather resistance
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About Our Services

We at WinTech have a special customer-oriented approach in order to achieve their complete satisfaction. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with the customer, so it is always evaluated to know if the customer’s requirements are met and meets the quality standards.
Installation and implementation
Installation and implementation

Our team includes many trained professionals and supervisors with long experience in various operational fields related to construction work. Our team works with the responsible engineer of the client to choose the best solutions that meet his needs.

Through hundreds of executed projects and installations, many experience have been gained and all of them handles different shapes, sizes and styles. We at WinTech dedicate this expertise to the convenience of our customers.

Replacing old windows and doors and installing new ones can be done quickly and easily without any difficulties.

Our Projects

Our Latests Projects

Crystal Palace Building
Crystal Palace Building

About WinTech

WINTECH brings to its customers over half a century of experience and knowledge in the field of manufacturing plastic materials, especially UPVC. WinTech aims to manufacture unique and high quality products for all areas of construction and the use in residential and industrial environments
WinTech started producing and manufacturing UPVC profiles in 1980 using raw materials with standard specifications and the best equipment. All that is under the management of a group of highly experienced and skilled technicians and academics in production management and product quality assurance